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“A Little Bit Stronger”- Sara Evans Cover

I love this song because we can all get a little bit stronger. If we work for who we want to become then we will reach that goal and victory.



Some facts about me are: I love music, hair/makeup, skin care, interior design, reading, art and elephants. I am LDS. To find out more, check out I was originally born in Lake City, Florida but moved back and forth between there and Utah from 3rd grade to 8th grade. The reason for this blog is to share my passions and ideas, the things I feel, and the trials I've over come. My family means the world to me, there was a time where I did not understand the value of having a family but as I grow I become more aware of the ways they love me and bless my life. My Grandma is my best friend and she always will be. I am the oldest of 5; There is me, my sister Sosha, my brothers Vince and Xander, and my baby sister Jocelyn. Being the oldest I really love them with my whole heart! I'm a newly-wed and my husband's name id Brady, he's pretty cute too. If you wanna know anything else, feel free to ask!

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